Quona's Partnership with Accion

Quona Capital was incubated as an impact investment manager within Accion International, a global leader in microfinance with more than five decades of investing and operating experience in emerging markets.  Formerly operating as Accion's Frontier Investments Group, Quona's strategic relationship with Accion is key to the differentiated value we bring as investors.

Accion is the sponsor and anchor investor of the Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund (AFIF).  Quona draws upon Accion's global presence, technical expertise, institutional relationships and global recognition to add value to its investment portfolio.

About Accion

Accion International is a global nonprofit dedicated to building a financially inclusive world by giving people the tools they need to improve their lives. Accion is building the next generation of top-tier microfinance institutions.  Over the last five decades, Accion has helped create 64 microfinance institutions in 32 countries on four continents.  These institutions reach millions of clients today.  Accion's impact investing initiatives have catalyzed more than 30 innovative start-ups dedicated to improving the efficiency, reach and scope of financial services for the underserved. Accion’s Center for Financial Inclusion is helping to build a stronger financial industry with high standards. Accion’s current work spans nearly two dozen countries, including the U.S., where they are the nation's largest nonprofit microfinance network. For more information, www.accion.org


Venture Lab

Quona relies on a close relationship with Accion's seed-stage fund, Venture Lab.  Venture Lab is an investment initiative of Accion that provides patient seed capital and support to innovative financial inclusion startups, fostering experimentation and promoting business models that improve financial access for people living in poverty worldwide.

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