Monica Brand Engel

Partner, Washington, D.C.


Monica Brand Engel is an investor and entrepreneur, having launched a number of investment vehicles and products aimed at broadening financial inclusion.  A Peruvian American, Monica spent her formative years in Silicon Valley and is a disciple of agile development and user-centered design.  The financial inclusion businesses she helped launch include Quona Capital, Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund and its predecessor fund, Frontier Investments Group, Anthuri Catalysts (Cape Town venture capital accelerator), a Calvert index fund (Bethesda based socially responsible mutual fund), lending intermediaries sponsored by The Development Fund (San Francisco based) and new business lines with Compartamos (now Gentera, the largest microfinance institution in Mexico).  She serves on the boards of Zoona, Azimo and Paralife, and she was previously on the boards of Shubham, GloboKasNet, and Compartamos.  Monica lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and twin children.

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